About Us

The holiday season is what I consider to be the best time of the year to make memories and as a family it is the time of year when we have the most traditions, and in most cases, we start with many of these traditions before December even begins. While there is so much focus on all of the secular things about the holiday season it is important to me that we keep our focus on the real reason for the season in the traditions that we take part in year after year. Our main focus is to help keep your tradition going by taking some of the headaches and stress out of your hands and surprising you with memories from the past.

When we started Installing holiday lights 10 years ago we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest by making holiday lights our main focus and being able to be as effective and efficient as possibly to help keep the cost down for our customers.

West Coast Lighting LLC

Make your holiday season in the Pacific Northwest shine bright through the night this year with our custom lights which are tailored to fit your home! We guarantee our decorations during the entire holiday season. Imagine taking out all of the hassles and headaches from the busiest season of the year by having a professional lighting designer and installer hang all those holiday lights for you. This Christmas season hire us, West Coast Lighting, and have a professional holiday lighting installation team handle your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Our holiday lighting products are commercial quality; meaning they are better than what you can and will find in your local stores. The holiday lights we install, are custom cut and mounted to fit your home, and will remain looking great throughout the holiday season!

The first year, you will be required to purchase your Christmas decorations and supplies, as the purchased products are yours to keep, and in the following years you will only be required to pay for installation, maintenance, and removal.
We schedule your installation based on availability, so don't wait! After the holidays we will be back to remove and pack all decorations and/or lights in plastic storage containers, beginning in early January.
*We are offering discounts to NEW customers who 'Go Green' with our top quality, energy-efficient, LED lights!*

Latest and greatest is the new LED lighting. 90% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting; they end up saving you money! Our commercial grade, warm white, LEDs closely resemble the traditional holiday lights in appearance but greatly surpass them in energy efficiency, ease of use and most importantly, safety. LEDs are the lights of the future. We are offering discounts to new customers who Go Green with our top quality, energy-efficient LED lights.

Free Estimate
A custom lighting designer will provide you with a free estimate of your home and/or business. *Be sure to take advantage of our early bird discounts!

Our professionally trained and fully insured crew will install the holiday lights on your home and/or business. WE PROVIDE ALL THE lights, supplies and equipment to get the job done right.

If you have a problem, just give us a call. We are available 7 days a week and will perform repairs within 48 hours.

Beginning early January, we will return to safely remove and pack away your display.

Shannon C

Seattle, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
Timely, personable and professional. So glad we had this done!

Warren F

Bothell, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting

Kathryn R

Seattle, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
John was responsive, polite, prompt, and very skilled. Highly recommended!

Anita S

Snohomish, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
They were prompt, courteous, professional, and timely to respond. I really appreciated the online quote and scheduling calendar tool! Plus the approximate quote via txt'd photo of my home and phone call. We are all very busy and need to get things done during the holiday season, so this was a huge gift to my family. We've been waiting 11 years to get Christmas lights on our house!

Jan P

Bellevue, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
I would have like to talk over more options, recommendations or options from them rather than just tell them what we want. They were very quick to respond to our inquiry and to put up the lights. Lights look great!

Beatriz C

Woodinville, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
Excellent customer service

Marie M

Stanwood, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
First time I've had this done, so, I don't have a lot of expertise about the whole thing. I have to say that I'm pleased with what they did.

Sue M

Redmond, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
Nice job and I have reccomended them to 2 other people

John B

Bellevue, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
We couldn't be more pleased. John and Chris did quality work and were professional across the board. We highly recommend their services.

Pam H

Everett, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
I would highly recommend this company for several reasons. First, they returned my initial call immediately and then showed up for a bid as scheduled. Second, they showed up on time to install the holiday lights and did an amazing job. (I'm a little bit picky and couldn't have asked for a better job!) Third, while we have not had a problem such as needing a bulb replacement, etc., I have every confidence that John would be easy so reach and that he would be here to solve any problem in a timely and professional manner. I know this because of his patience with my many questions and phone calls prior to the installation. (Sorry John, but thank you!) This was the first time we've hired someone to put holiday lights on house exterior so the initial cost was slightly higher due to cost of lights; still, overall, they did a great job for a very reasonable price. Add to that the excellent customer service....a winner!!!

Fawn B

Mukilteo, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting - Materials Provided by Business
They answered the request immediately. Came to check out our place of business quickly. We received a bid in a very timely manner. Had to cut back what we wanted to do to what we could afford and he worked within our budget. Lights are up and look great.

Tomas D

Everett, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
Very professional installer, prompt and courteous

Mike K

Lynnwood, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
John did a great job and the lights look great. It's nice that they are made to fit the length of the house so I don't have extra bulbs hanging down the side fo the house, etc. like you often see. I am very particular about holiday lighting in that I like the lights to be straight and even, not just loosely hanging on the gutter. Mine look great!

Michielle G

Bothell, WA

Project: Add or Remove Holiday Lighting
John and Yuriy did a wonderful job at a reasonable price. Very professional and would recommend them to anyone.